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Dealing with pest problems the Pest Rescue London way!

Pests are a nuisance – buzzing flies around refuse bins, carpet beetles and moths, woodworm in the furniture and fleas in the sofa for example, are pests that are easily dealt with when you know how.

Pests can be dangerous – the sting of the wasp can cause an allergic reaction. The diseases spread by mice, rats and cockroaches can cause us to become ill. Worst still, infestations of these pests can build and build until they become a major problem. They can be dealt with effectively if you know how.

A professional service

Dealing with a pest problem is no longer dealt with by spraying chemicals or laying poison. There many reasons why this approach is no longer suitable. There needs to be a combination of:

  • Identifying the pest and the extent of the problem and matching the response
  • Identifying why the pest became an issue
  • Looking at means and way of preventing future issues

Why do pests become a problem?

Some are seasonal issues such as flies, wasps and bees from spring to autumn. Others are related to the built environment such as building work causing moles to become ‘lost’.

Unfortunately, our habits have changed too. Foxes, rats and mice are just three common pests who enjoy refuse bins, compost heaps and so on. Pests are attracted to where there is a ready supply of food – if there is a safe place to nest too, all the better!

Guaranteed results

No matter what the pest, Pest Rescue London can deal with it. The team is led by qualified pest control technician Ted Kelly.

With many years of pest control experience, he also brings many skills from nearly three decades’ service in the Fire and Rescue Service. He understands that discovering a pest problem leaves people feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed. This is why when you call, we aim to respond to you on the same day.

This is also why Pest Rescue London guarantee all their work. We don’t close a job until we are confident and certain that the pest has been dealt with and you are one again, pest-free at home, in your business or in outside spaces.

Working daily in and around UB7 and UB8 postcode areas, we offer a responsive service from an established pest control company. Call today for a free quotation.