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They may look cute but mice are not only incontinent, but continually spread bacteria and germs that can make you and your family ill. Dealing with mice in or around your home needs to be done quickly and humanely. Call the professionals and be mouse-free in no time.


Estimates of how many brown rats are in the UK vary. If you spot a rat in or around your home or business, you MUST get professional pest control and quickly. They gnaw, causing a huge amount of damage but they spread disease which can be unpleasant at best, fatal at worst to you and your family. Don’t delay getting professional pest control help.


The secretive mammal that lives in a subterranean world. With poor eyesight but an amazing sense of touch and smell, the mole is not normally a pest until it starts tunneling under sports pitches, bowling greens, parks, gardens, farm land and so on.


A delight to see scampering across a field in the dawn light – but not if your land or garden is over run with rabbits. Gnawing animals, they will cause huge damage, eating everything and anything they can find, including tree-bark in some cases too.


Their normal habitat would be local woodland but sometimes, the nesting squirrel will prefer the safety and warmth of an attic or roof space. They gnaw everything any anything is sight, presenting a fire risk in many properties. The grey squirrel can also cause destruction in woodland too, especially if the population is large. Call a pest controller for advice.




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