Wembley North West London Pest Control – In London Borough of Brent

HA0 & HA9 Pest Control

Pest Rescue London has a five-point plan to leave you free from ants, bugs, bees, fleas, flies, moths, carpet beetles, woodworm, birds, pigeons, wasps, rabbits, foxes and more…

  1. What pest? First and foremost, we start with a positive identification of the pest. Customers will often call and tell us they have a problem with fleas but on closer inspection, we find that bedbugs may be the cause.

    Many pests, especially insects, create similar damage – such as carpet moths and beetles – but they will need different treatments and remedies. Fleas need chemical treatment and no vacuuming for a time but bedbugs need chemical treatment and deep cleaning.

  2. Where? You may have spotted a rat in the garden or a mouse in the cellar, but is that the seat of the infestation?

    Pests will often feed in one place, but nest in another. Treating the pest in one place and not the source if futile; it just means they will keep coming back again and again.

    Moles, for example, can be trapped and relocated but if the tunnels are not blocked, another mole will move in.

  3. Assess the full extent Customers can be surprised to find that the small pest problem is actually only a small portion of the problem, the small bit that can be seen. The true extent of the problem can lie hidden.

    As a pest control company, we understand how pests can become an issue and how the true extent can lay hidden for a long time.

  4. Treatment options Once we have the full picture, we can advise you on the best course of action and treatment options available. Our work is both insured and guaranteed so there is no ‘failure option’ – if we say we can deal with the pest, we mean it!

    ALL the methods we use to control and eradicate pests in and around Wembley are humane and safe to use in properties, as well as outside and in public spaces.

  5. Prevention advice Finally, we leave all our customers in HA0 and HA9 with advice prevention advice. Understanding why some pests may be attracted to an area means that action can be taken.

    We deal with all pests from foxes to rabbits, ants to bees, cockroaches, wasps, flies, fleas, mice, rats, squirrels, woodworm, carpet beetles and more.

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