Uxbridge West London Pest Control – In London Borough of Hillingdon

UB8, UB9, UB10 & UB11 Pest Control

Fighting off pests in Uxbridge? Need help controlling bugs, animals or birds in UB8, UB9, UB10 and UB11 postcode areas?

They seem to come from nowhere!

Many Uxbridge residents and business owners when they call us feel that they are under-siege – and that it happened in a blink of an eye! It can feel like this but in many cases, the signs had been there for some time – it’s just that you didn’t notice them.

  • Built environment – the local built environment can have an impact on the severity of a pest infestation but also the type of pests that are attracted to an area. For example, many older, terraced town houses share an attic making it easier for rodents to move through properties, often undetected.
  • Weather – prolonged periods of weather can favour some pests and not others. The creates an imbalance with one species becoming dominant over another. The ladybird invasion of 1976 is a prime example. Unfortunately, not all bug infestations are as pretty or inert as ladybirds.
  • Habits – our habits can make our homes more attractive to some pests as well as being a means of accidental introducing a pest into our home or business. Increased travel means bedbugs hitch a lift on clothing and bags. But, compost bins make a great food source for all kinds of pests, such as rats and mice.

We share our environment with animals, birds and insects all the time; without them, as a species we wouldn’t survive but that doesn’t mean you want bugs in your bed or squirrels in your attic.

What pests do Pest Rescue London deal with?

We deal with all kinds of pests, from the smallest bugs to all kinds of rodents, animals and birds. We can work safely in your home, in your garden, outbuildings, business premises and public spaces too.

All our work is insured and guaranteed – we don’t close a job until we are certain the pest has been controlled or eradicated. We work on a regular basis within Uxbridge and surrounding areas meaning you can be confident of a swift response from an established pest control company.

Humane and safe pest control methods

Many people will try and deal with a pest problem themselves, not realizing the full extent of the issue nor the negative impact some methods and treatments can have on the surrounding environment.

Why waste time, money and effort on treatments that don’t work? Call the professionals for safe and humane pest control in UB8, UB9, UB10 and UB11 – call Pest Rescue London now.