Ruislip West London Pest Control – In London Borough of Hillingdon

HA4 Pest Control

Pest problems? Suspect an infestation? Unsure what to do?

With any possible pest problem, no matter how small or big, call a professional and local pest control company – call Pest Rescue London.

Owned and operated by Ted Kelly, Pest Rescue London has an enviable record for providing effective pest control solutions to domestic and commercial customers.

Safe pest control solutions

Pest control is not about laying poison or traps. There needs to be a strategy behind dealing with the immediate issue and preventing a reoccurrence in the future.

This is how we approach every call for help with a pest or pests in HA4 and surrounding areas:

What pest and where?

Bugs in the bed? Squirrels in the attic? Or wasps in the porch? Initially, it can look like a simple pest control case but we often find that pest infestations can be much bigger than the customer initially thought.

Pests display different kinds of behaviour, as well as leaving behind some tell-tale signs. A qualified and experienced pest controller such as Ted can spot these signs quickly.

Understanding what pest needs to dealt with and where informs the treatment options open to Ted and his team.

Humane, safe treatment options

All the options that Pest Rescue London use are safe for use in and around properties. They do not cause unnecessary suffering to the pest and have minimal effect on non-target species. They are also safe to use in areas where the public frequent and where children play etc.

If there is a need to exclude people or pets from the area, we will discuss this with you in detail.

Effective treatments

The priority is for you to be rid of the pest causing you a problem. There are some pests that are simply a priority because they can endanger life either such as a wasp sting, or because they spread disease, such as cockroaches.

Every customer wants a swift and effective pest control response. All our work is insured and guaranteed, giving you confidence that we are the right people to call.

We deal with all pests from ants to bees, wasps to flies, fleas, carpet moths, woodworm, foxes, rabbits, birds, squirrels and more.

We work frequently in Ruislip so call Pest Rescue London for a swift response.