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Infestations or problems rarely go away on their own

Rats and mice, just two examples of pests that are prolific breeders. If you see one mouse or rat, the likelihood is there is a best of young somewhere in the vicinity. Reaching sexual maturity within weeks, rodents breed quickly, swelling their numbers significantly.

Prevent damage

Some pests can also cause a huge amount of damage. Squirrels and rabbits, for example, gnaw continuously. This means that anything from wooden structure to electrical cables and so on can be chewed by squirrels. Rabbits can also create unstable ground as they burrow in fields, gardens, sport pitches and so on.

Ideal conditions

Pests will often enter an area and stay there for one simple reason – the conditions are ideal. They have a food supply, a safe place to nest and so on; why would they want to leave?

Hardy species

There are examples too of where some pests have adapted so that they can maintain their population. The humble bedbug, a tiny, lentil shaped critter that enjoys the warmth of our beds at night, have a life cycle that can be tough to break. Fleas have become immune to some common flea treatments and repellents. Dealing with pests quickly before they become too much of a problem is simply essential.

Environmental and health concerns

Frankly, there are some pests that you need to be rid of quickly simply because they represent a clear danger to human health. There are two species of cockroach common in the UK – one enjoys the coolness of the cellar, the other enjoys the humidity of the kitchen. Both spread salmonella as they scuttle across floors, work surfaces, walls and so on.

For businesses, a pest issue is not great for business. It can lead to fewer customers, as well as environmental health concerns.

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Dealing with a pest quickly can often mean treatment is simpler, straightforward and in most cases, cheaper too.

Deal with it later and not only could you have a bigger pest control bill, but also a hefty repair bills too.

We deal with all pests throughout the HA5 postcode area. We frequently work in or close to Pinner so our response is swift, as well as professional and effective. Call Ted Kelly and his team at Pest Rescue London today.