Below is a list of the most common pests Ted treats.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call today as the quicker you react, the quicker the pest problem can be treated and usually it’s less expensive than leaving the problem to become a full infestation.

Solar Panel Proofing

Solar panels are a great addition to any home with a south-facing roof but, your dreams of free electricity will be shattered if they are not pest proof. Squirrels, pigeons, seagulls and other birds can all damage your solar panel system but not if it is pest-proofed.

Loft & Home Clearances

Vacant properties can attract pests and vermin, more so when there is masses of clutter and stored items. Our loft and home clearance service is competitively priced for a fast, efficient job – and we can deal with any pests we come across too!


There are no ants that bite and sting here in the UK but ants parading across worktops and floors can be a nuisance. In sufficient numbers and if allowed to continue, they can contaminate food stuffs. A pest problem easily remedied when you know how.

Bed Bugs

A fast-growing nuisance and one that is not welcomed in any home. Breaking the lifecycle of the bedbug is the only way to get rid of them and that means focusing attention the eggs. Hard to spot and difficult to get rid of, seek professional pest control advice.


Not just a problem associated with homes with pets! Fleas can hitch a ride on clothing, bags and so on and enjoying the warmth and humidity of your carpets, sofa, cushions, bedding and so on. A nuisance that you want rid of – and quickly.


Feared by many – and with good reason. The cockroach doesn’t travel alone meaning there could be hundreds, if not thousands spreading salmonella and other nasty bacteria across your home. This is an infestation that does NOT go away on its own – act NOW and call us!


They may look cute but mice are not only incontinent, but continually spread bacteria and germs that can make you and your family ill. Dealing with mice in or around your home needs to be done quickly and humanely. Call the professionals and be mouse-free in no time.


Estimates of how many brown rats are in the UK vary. If you spot a rat in or around your home or business, you MUST get professional pest control and quickly. They gnaw, causing a huge amount of damage but they spread disease which can be unpleasant at best, fatal at worst to you and your family. Don’t delay getting professional pest control help.


A nasty sting in their tail that can be unpleasant, but for some people, cause anaphylaxis shock which can be fatal. Aggressive in late summer, but with the potential to turn nasty at any time of the year, the ONLY safe course of action is to call a professional pest controller.


Many pest controllers will try to re-locate the honeybee but again, the bee has a nasty sting. Unlike its wasp cousin, it can sting more than once. The only safe means of dealing with a bee’s nest is to leave it well alone – and get the professionals to deal with it.


The secretive mammal that lives in a subterranean world. With poor eyesight but an amazing sense of touch and smell, the mole is not normally a pest until it starts tunneling under sports pitches, bowling greens, parks, gardens, farm land and so on.


Birds are an important part of the ecosystem and food chain but sometimes, they can nest in the most inconvenient of places. They can also damage buildings with their droppings as well as being a loud and annoying nuisance. Birds should only ever be dealt with by a professional pest controller!


Taking advantage of gutters and ledges, the feral pigeon has become more accustomed to urban properties than cliff edges to roost and nest. But, their droppings are unpleasant, causing damage and they tend to flock in numbers. Get pigeon-proofing measures from a professional pest control company.


The seagull is a bird that has taken advantage of human habits. Clever, intelligent birds, they remember where they found food and return time and time again. Proofing your home or business is the only real solution to preventing an ongoing problem.


Not a worm but a beetle, the woodworm can lay hidden for years – by which time, the damage is done! Enjoying humid wood, the wood-boring larvae will eat through wooden furniture and wooden structures in a building too.


A delight to see scampering across a field in the dawn light – but not if your land or garden is over run with rabbits. Gnawing animals, they will cause huge damage, eating everything and anything they can find, including tree-bark in some cases too.


Their normal habitat would be local woodland but sometimes, the nesting squirrel will prefer the safety and warmth of an attic or roof space. They gnaw everything any anything is sight, presenting a fire risk in many properties. The grey squirrel can also cause destruction in woodland too, especially if the population is large. Call a pest controller for advice.


Nocturnal animals, urban foxes can be a nuisance as they scavenge through bins looking for their next meal. Exterminating foxes is expensive so the best course of action is prevention. If you are losing sleep as foxes roam your garden at night, call us for advice!


Carpet beetles leave tell-tale signs of perfectly round holes in carpets and so on. They can be confused with moths, two insects that require very different treatment. Not sure if its beetles or moths causing the damage? Call us for help and advice.


An unpleasant nuisance but they can spread disease too. Flies consume food as a liquid so they salivate on it then regurgitate it, then suck it up as a liquid. They will do this on dog faeces then fly into your home, land on the worktop, your food, you… deal with flies as soon as possible by identifying the source and getting rid of it.


Moths lay eggs on materials that contain natural fibres and it is the emerging larvae that causes the damage. For infestations, chemical treatment may be needed alongside deep cleaning. But, moths can be confused with other insects so before you treat, get it checked out by a pest controller.


Insects are a class of invertebrate that has a three-part body, three pairs of jointed legs, compound eyes and a pair on antennae. Insects and bugs are the biggest class of species with thousands of different insects found across the UK. Some are dangerous, some sting, some bite but the vast majority present no issues to humans. But that doesn’t mean you want to share your home or business with them…


There are thousands of spider species across the world and although some spiders in the UK will bite, the good news is they are neither poisonous nor venomous. However, this doesn’t make you any less uncomfortable so if you are feeling under siege from spiders, call us.


From ladybirds to bedbugs, our world is full of all kinds of weird and wonderful bugs. When various factors are in their favour, their population can explode leaving us feeling under siege by bugs. Most are harmless but some can bite, sting or spread disease so get the bug problem dealt with – and quickly.


Not really sure if you have a pest-problem? Uncertain as to what could be causing the damage? Does the damage appear constantly or a bit hit and miss? Have you noticed anything else such as droppings, smear marks, strange incidence of damage and so on? Not all pests are readily identifiable to the untrained eye so even if you only think you have a pest problem, call us for pest advice.