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HA6 Pest Control

I have discovered a pest at my Northwood home, what should I do? I think I have a pest problem at my Northwood business, what should I do?

You should do one thing – call Pest Rescue London, a local, professional, qualified and reputable pest control company.

Why professional pest control outweighs DIY solutions every time


Discovering a pest in your home or business, inside or outside, is an unpleasant experience. Pests are, at best, an unwelcome nuisance. There are times, however, when a pest is dangerous.

Consider the wasp, for example. Feared by many, the wasp has a sting in its tail that delivers a nasty surprise. For some people, this sting can result in a potentially fatal allergic reaction.

The cockroach, equally as despised, is the bane of many food businesses across London. Spreading salmonella as they scuttle about, dealing with a cockroach infestation is essential.


Despite being a nuisance and in spite on the dangers that some pests present, any treatments or methods of control and eradication must be humane.

We always advise customers that should they fall foul of the Animal Welfare Act, they could face a large fine as well as prosecution for causing or inflicting suffering on an animal or bird.

ALL the methods we use are humane and in keeping with all animal welfare. There are also updates and changes within the pest control industry. As active members of the British Pest Control Association, we are confident that we are at the leading edge of pest control.


Pest control methods and treatments must be safe to use in and around your home and business. They must not cause problems for your family, nor for pets.

Responsibility for safe use extends beyond this. You must ensure that any treatments, methods or chemicals used do not impact on non-target species nor the local environment.

Call Pest Rescue London

You want pest control solutions that are safe but that work – and fast! Ted Kelly and his team at Pest Rescue London are qualified, experienced technicians. Ted has worked in London all his life and knows the area around the HA4 post code area well.

He understands why some pests are attracted to an area, and why they remain an issue. He presents solutions for dealing with the pest problem, as well as prevention advice and tips.

We deal with all pests – bugs, bees, ants, wasps, cockroaches, rabbits, foxes, woodworm, carpet beetles, moths, spiders and more – in and around Northwood. Call for a free quotation now.