Harrow North West London Pest Control – In London Borough of HARROW

HA1, HA2 & HA3 Pest Control

Pest problem in Harrow?

You need a swift response that is great value for money and effective. You need a local, established and reputable pest control company – Pest Rescue London is everything that you need.

Why Pest Rescue London?

With many years’ pest control experience, Ted Kelly is a qualified pest control technician. As well as specialist training courses, Ted brings with him skills and abilities acquired from nearly 30 years in the Fire & Rescue Service.

Essentially, no pest control problem is too big, too small or too difficult for Pest Rescue London to deal with.

What pests do we deal with in Harrow and surrounding areas?

There is no one pest that is particular to an area. We deal with all kinds of pests on a regular basis including wasps, bees, flies, fleas, bedbugs, birds, rabbits, foxes, moles, ants, spiders, carpet beetles, moths, woodworm, cockroaches and so on.

Where can we deal with pests?

Some pests end up in the home such as fleas, bedbugs and so on. This can make people feel uncomfortable and also embarrassed. Pests, like humans, are attracted to warm, safe and clean places to make their homes – and our home and businesses make the perfect places.

Other pests are outside of the property, such as wasp nest in the garden or the porch, pigeons roosting on buildings, ants in the kitchen or squirrels in the attic. We can deal with pests that are in public spaces too, often working with commercial customers and local councils.

Why opt for professional pest control services?

Customers living in HA1, HA2 and HA3 postcode areas will often try and deal with a pest problem themselves. This can be successful if the problem is dealt with immediately but many pests are often deep-seated by the time you realise there is a problem.

Professional pest control services from Pest Rescue London offers many benefits:

  • Humane treatment – even though they are pests and are causing a nuisance or distress, no animal or bird should suffer thus, we offer only humane treatments of pest control
  • Safe – using insecticides and pesticides safely is important for your own health, as well as your family, pets and non-target species.
  • Effective – some treatments and methods can actually make the infestation worse. Some are a waste of time.
  • Cost-effective – professional pest control services are not expensive when you consider how effective our methods are, as well as the fact that our work is insured and guaranteed.

No waiting around

We work on a frequent basis in and around Harrow. If you suspect a pest problem, or would like advice, call Pest Rescue London today.