Greenford & Northolt Pest Control – In London Borough of Ealing

UB5 & UB6 Pest Control

Suffering from pest problems in Greenford and Northolt? Over run with mice or under-siege from wasps?

No matter what the pest, we have the solution. And we guarantee to leave you pest-free too!

Solving your pest control problem

Every call we get starts with the same assessment process. We need to clearly identify the pest that is causing the problem. Some pests have similar habits, causing damage that is similar and so we always try to sight the pest before we move on to making recommendations for treatment.

We also need to assess the extent of the pest problem. In some cases, it might be a rat in the garage or it could be a far bigger problem.

We also look at why the problem happened and what needs to change so that the pest is not encouraged into the area.

Treatment options

We then discuss the treatment options with you, taking into account the area and nature of the problem, as well as budget etc. But, you want to be pest-free as soon as possible and with minimal fuss.

Guaranteed results

We know how important it is for pest infestations to be dealt with quickly but effectively. You don’t want to share your home, business or outdoor space with a pest, especially if it is a pest that could cause you harm, such as wasps or bees.

We guarantee our work meaning if there is still a problem, we’ll keep coming back until it is sorted.

Any pest, anywhere

We deal with all kinds of pests from rabbits to moles, ants, bees, fleas, flies, carpet moths, woodworm, wasps, spiders, foxes, cockroaches, rats, mice and more.

And we can deal with them anywhere, safeguarding pets and non-target species and wildlife. As qualified pest control technicians, Ted and his team can effectively deal with any pest problem in and around UB5 and UB6 postcode areas.

Call today for a swift response and a free quotation!